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Art of Braiding Salon

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Appointment Scheduling System

We at Art of Braiding Salon do empathize with our clients given that they have busy and sometimes hectic schedules. In an effort to better serve our clients while helping them save more of their hard earned dollars, we have introduce an online appointment system.


We encourage all our current and future clients to book their next appointment online and instantly save 5% of the next time they visit us.  You will will also receive a 5% additional discount (for a total of 10%) if your next online-scheduled appointment with us falls  between MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY.


 In addition to the 10% potentialdiscounts, your will also have the opportunity to save up to 40% discount on your 3rd online-scheduled appointment with us.


Our clients will receive a 10% additional discount for every new person they refer to our Salon. Just make sure that you refer to us mention your name or phone number in the "REFFERAL BOX" during the registration process or in the "SPECIAL COMMENT" box in the appointment section.


With our new system, you have the flexibily of schedule and cancelling your appointments at your finger tips.  To schedule

   Please click on the link below to schedule your
appointment and receive discounts of up to 10% on your next appointment
with us.


Book an appointment with Art of Braiding Salon
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 1. All clients who do not have an online account with us must register online before they can schedule an appointment.
2. All clients registering or booking their appointment online will need a credit / debit card to make a REQUIRED $25.00 deposit (down-payment) in order to confirm their appointment spot.

3. The $25.00 will be credited to the client’s account and it will  also be count toward the total cost of the service the client will receive at  the time of the appointment.

4. A client shall not receive a combined discount not  exceeding 40% on a same day.

5. ALL clients receiving a combined discount exceeding 25% should notify us of it in the "SPECIAL COMMENT" box in the appointment section.

NB: The 5 to 10% discount will only apply to all clients who book their appointments online. We encourage all our client to click on the blue "SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT" Blue button to book the next appointment with us.