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Trivia: Braids and Sewing Weaves

Braiding is a great way of growing and improving the overall quality of the hair and the conditions of the scalp. These among the many other reasons such as going natural are especially true for African-Americans. To achieve the best result, it should be noted that the after-salon care of our hair and scalp is equally as important as the art of braiding itself or weaving itself. Once leaving the salon, the hair and scalp proper maintenance is generally advised to assure the longevity of our braids and weaves. The popular myth of “tighter braids equal long lasting braids” is generally not too recommended by many and to some extend not true either. When braids are made too tight, the chances of having hair breaks are increase and let alone not to mention the temporary pain some people may suffer.

Weaves extension is also a very neat and popular going natural or growing one’s hair. But one has to be very careful because we at Art of Beauty Salon differentiate between sewing weaves and glued weaves. Glues weaves literally involves the gluing of strip of human or synthetic hair to ones hair base. Severe hair breaking and poor scalp condition are just some of the consequences associated with this form of weaving. Even though this type of weave may “appear” natural the after-effects it has on ones hair and scalp if devastating. 

We at Art of Beauty Salon specialize in the most natural form and saves form of weaving which is done by sewing. By natural here imply no chemicals are used during the weaving process. With of professional staff who holds years of experienced in the art of weaving and braiding, you are guarantee the best style of sewing weave and our final result equals or even surpass glue-based weaves in both longevity and styling. It should be noted that glue-based weaves are not suitable for wet or humid conditions and thus not suitable for the typical swimming vacation goers. On the other hand, our sewing weaves is good for any weather condition-rain or shine.